The Association was set up in 2002 with the visions to promote the stakeholders to share and exchange the knowledge, experiences and gains of the educational technology; to let the public aware of the educational technology through community education and; to provide suitable counseling of educational technology for Special Educational Needs.

The Association gathers those care about the technology application on training , coaching and teaching, to promote and support those people and organizations with problems in educational technology through co-organizing, study and plan various activities, competitions and exchanges.

By means of projects educational technology in community, the Assocation let the public know about the means, the tools and the application of educational technology.

Believing in “Educational Technology to prosper Learning”, the Association promote the public to stress the use of educational technology on strengthening the capacity of individual life-long learning and sustainable development of the community, enhance the interest of study, as well as nurturing creativity and better the characters of good citizens

We provide a platform for technology innovation & application in the areas of community, culture and educational development of creative industries by connecting young people and the stakeholders with relevant expertise and funding avenues.


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