Cloud Apps Certified Specialist

The Cloud Apps Certified Professional at HKETA Cloud Community Service Partnership member who demonstrate the skill and knowledge required to sell and support Cloud Apps for Business, Education and NGO.

Candidates who pass the exam receive the Cloud Apps Certified Professional badge and certificate.


Before taking the exam it is recommended that a candidate have a minimum of six months experience selling Google Apps for Business and has closed two or more small, mid-market, or enterprise business deals.

Getting Started

1. Experience selling Google Apps for Business is the best preparation for this exam. Your work should involve identifying and qualifying Google Apps prospects, selling business value, understanding product features and functions of Google Apps, and addressing customer concerns.

2. To access the Sales Specialist Exam Study Guide and preparation resources, do the following:

  1. Sign in to Google Partner Connect (GPC), a portal available exclusively to Google partners.

  2. In GPC, go to Training & Events > Certification Programs.

  3. Click on the Sales Specialist Exam. Or, if you're already signed in to GPC, click this direct link.

Exam Format

For more information about the exam, how to sign up, and the cost, see Program Overview.