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Cloud Training (2009 - 2014)

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We trust that you will enjoy using Google Apps, and find this new business tool beneficial to you and your office too ! 

Email Training

Gmail training presentation
6 Minutes Training Video

Additional Email Training Center 25 Minutes

Labels and Filters
5 Minutes Training Video

General Training 

Google Apps Short Video 2 Minutes
  Google Apps Long Video
12 Minutes
Calendar Training

Google Calendar training presentation
9 Minutes Training Video

Calendar Features 10 Minutes Training Video

Additional Calendar Training 5 Minutes

How to use Google Calendar
7 Minutes Training Video

Whats New in Calendar
5 Minutes
Chat Training

Google Talk training presentation
9 Minutes Training Video

Getting Started with Chat 5 Minutes
Google Docs Training

Google Docs Overview
4 Minutes Training Video

Google Docs in Plain English 3 Minutes Overview Video

Documents 5 Minutes

Using Form in Google Docs
What New in Docs
New document and spreadsheet features
2 Minutes
PDA Setup

Mobile Phone Setup 5 Minutes

Spam, time, & you:educational video from Gmail 2 Minutes Video

So much time, so little spam
2 Minutes

Create Google Sites: Simple, secure group websites 3 Minutes

Sites Overview
5 Minutes Training Video
General Information

Start Page
5 Minutes Training Video

Let Google know which features you want Web Page

Google Doc Community Channel

Report a problem of your account, dead link or damaged link